A1 Country Firewood has provided Chicago firewood since 1981.

Chicago's #1 Cooking Wood source with a large selection of BBQ Wood Flavors.

A1's cooking wood selection includes the following:

Apple Wood, Beech Nut Wood, Cherry Wood, Hickory Wood, Mulberry Wood, Peach Wood, Pecan Wood, Post Oak & Sugar Maple .

10 Bundles of Mixed Hardwoods at $6.00 each.

10 x $6.00 = $60.00

Sales Tax: $6.15

Drop-Off Fee: $10.00

Total: $76.15

10 Bundles of Oak Fruitwood at $8.00 each.

10 x $8.00 = $80.00

Sales Tax: $8.20

Drop-Off Fee: $10.00

Total: $98.20

Welcome to A1 Country Firewood

Our Location

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About Us

A1 Country Firewood (Lakeshore Division) has been delivering dry Seasoned* firewood to Chicago and surrounding Suburbs for over 20 years. In addition to quality firewood, we also offer select cooking woods, fruitwoods, hardwoods and all natural 100% wood lump charcoal for grilling & smoking be-it Restaurant or Residential use.

We strive to produce and deliver quality firewood and cooking wood at a competitive price with attention to service.

Our location is 1129 W 37th St., Chicago Illinois 60609. When you see wood, you see us.

*Seasoned wood has been split open more than 9 months.

Our Facility

A1 Country's well stocked woodyard.

Zero Carbon Footprint

Burning wood releases carbon. However, wood left on the forest floor rots and it too releases carbon. So, by processing this wood as a renewable energy resource and by utilizing the BTU's for heat, we help reduce the carbon footprint of firewood to zero.

Hours of Operation - Pick-up or Delivery

Summer Hours:

March 15 - September 15

Winter Hours:

September 15 - March 15

Tues - Fri 10 AM - 5 PM
Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM


Mon - Sat 10 AM - 6 PM


Closed on Sunday

Very friendly service and great prices too! Their wood smells awesome and everyone that comes over compliments on it as it seems to be perfectly aged. I'll never order from a different company. Jon's A-1 firewood is simply the best

- Aaron O.

I would never buy wood from anyone else but them the man about 30 yrs old with the new gmc pick up that works there had so Much knowledge Of the woods, he sold us a great batch of wood, we paid for the wood with a credit card and he delivered the wood the next day and carried all the wood up to are third floor condo, we bought wood from others in the past and end up throwing it out because it would not burn, when he came out to deliver the wood he saw what we bought last year and told me I bought cottonwood and pine he felt sorry and gave us extra wood free that he had on the truck a-1 is the best company for firewood

- Scott P.

These guys were great to deal with, delivered next day and were on time. The deliverer also stacked the wood neatly and was courteous. The wood seems to be good quality.
I'd recommend them.

- ZD

Great information over the phone. Nice friendly person[al] touch. Very competitive prices compared to other local businesses. Solid oak logs throughout cord.

- eroberton

I just found these guys after years of getting substandard firewood. Their firewood is true oak, cherry, apple and maple. None of the garbage wood the tree services sell. It is properly seasoned and ready to burn. Not a green piece in my face cord. I picked it up on site but they do deliver. A good product at a good price. I recommend them highly.

- JRC55