A1 Country Firewood has provided Chicago firewood since 1981.

Chicago's #1 Cooking Wood source with a large selection of BBQ Wood Flavors.

A1's cooking wood selection includes the following:

Apple Wood, Beech Nut Wood, Cherry Wood, Hickory Wood, Mulberry Wood, Peach Wood, Pecan Wood, Post Oak & Sugar Maple .

Firewood Facts

About Selecting Firewood

The two most important aspects of firewood are Seasoning of Wood (Moisture Content) and Type of Hardwood (Species) or what is otherwise known as BTU Value.

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Seasoning of Wood

Green firewood is wood that has been recently cut and is still too wet to burn. Dry or "Seasoned" firewood is wood that has been cut to length and split for over 9 months. The moisture content of firewood determines how it burns and how many BTU's are available for heating. Seasoned wood has between 25% to 20% moisture content.

Types of Hardwood

Loggers harvest timber for sawmills (flooring, furniture, veneer) leaving the treetops for us to process. This allows us to know the types of wood in our inventory. A1 Country Firewood deals mostly with Hardwoods such as Oak, Cherry, Hickory, White Birch, Maple, Beech Nut and Apple which we blend and deliver to your door.

About 'Mixed' Hardwoods

Citywood or tree service wood is called Mixed Hardwoods and has little if any of the hardest hardwoods. It usually consists of woods that have lower BTU content (Elm, Cottonwood, Hackberry, Catalpa). The reason for the term 'Mixed Hardwoods' is that the tree service companies are not sure which type of wood was cut down last month - thus the term 'Mixed Hardwoods'.

Our Guarantee

A1 Country Firewood guarantees our wood to be seasoned and of a high quality hardwood that is ready to burn! We offer this unconditional guarantee as our wood is seasoned and has been split for 9 months to over a year!

Zero Carbon Footprint

Burning wood releases carbon. However, wood left on the forest floor rots and it too releases carbon. So, by processing this wood as a renewable energy resource and by utilizing the BTU's for heat, we help reduce the carbon footprint of firewood to zero.

Units of Measure

Face Cord

Face Cord = 1/3 of a Full Cord of stacked cut wood.
Approximate Measurements: 4' High x 8' Wide x 16" Depth

1/2 Cord

Half Cord = 1/2 of a Face Cord of stacked cut wood.
Approximate Measurements: 4' High x 4' Wide x 16" Depth

1/4 Cord

Quarter Cord = 1/4 of a Face Cord of stacked cut wood.
Approximate Measurements: 4' High x 2' Wide x 16" Depth

A1 Country Firewood will keep your fire going!